March 17, 2016

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FWN Header WeedyOur main quest is to help you find what you are looking for, the quickest way possible. The resource page has links to other locator sites like Leafly, WeedMaps, and many others.

We also will be maintaining a list of magazines, online blogs and other sites that catch our eye as something you may be looking for.  Our site is financed by the growers, dispensaries and retailers who appreciate your business and want you to find the products they provide without all the hassle.

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Mapping Resources

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Find Weed Now is the industry’s first site dedicated to both consumers and businesses. They created the first private marijuana classified listing service to connect growers, retailers and dispensaries. The FWN map does not discriminate and does not list locations based on fees. They just list them all in one big map. Very useful as a first stop in looking for local locations.

WeedMapsOne of the oldest nationwide marijuana mapping sites. Lots of graphics and navigation to deal with. Locations may or may not be listed equally due to the way Weedmaps charges for the locations to be listed. Good info once you figure out how to navigate through the site.

LeaflyCurrently one of the most popular sites. Great up-to-date menus and easy-to-use. The website does a good job of working with the locations to keep the menus updated. One of the better overall sites to look for clones and seeds.

weedfinderWeed Finder is relatively new on the mapping scene. Good looking site, but like Weed Maps, locations are listed in relation to how much they pay to be listed on the site. Provides news and other information that relates to the marijuana industry. Currently looking for advertisers and more listings.

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THC Finder is another relatively new mapping site. Interesting in that it has other selections to search for such as lawyers and delivery services in addition to the normal listings. The site lists locations based on monthly payments and does not provide listings for services that have not paid to be listed.





Find Weed Now Online Resources

high-times-40High Times has been the industry go to magazine for 40 years. One of the best weed based magazines both online and offline. Hosts the Cannabis Cup and has great strain reviews. High Times provides a number of services to the industry and has been a major supporter of NORMAL over the years.


Cannabis CulturejpgCannabis Culture is a magazine about marijuana and hemp around the world. As of spring 2009, Cannabis Culture Magazine is no longer available as a printed publication. Each issue is packed full of marijuana and drug war news, amazing grow stories, political and historical information, and spectacular photography from the top cannabis photographers.


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The 420 Magazine…




Marijuana VentureMarijuana Venture